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Someone else wants this domain

Filed under: General — @ 22:07 UTC

gmx.com wants to buy this domain for 50 bucks. Naw, I don’t want to sell it right now.


I Got Your Overweight Luggage Right Here, Pal….

Filed under: General — @ 20:27 UTC

With the rise in aircraft fuel prices, the weight limit on individual pieces of luggage is now being strictly enforced and, for international flights, the allowable luggage weight has been reduced. The thing that is really, really irritating is that you could arrive at the airport and find that you have to pay a LOT extra for an item of luggage that is one (1!) pound over the weight limit, but then you find your 160 pound body crammed in next to a sweaty 300 pound man with under-weight luggage. So … which one is costing the airline more in fuel? If the airlines are serious about fuel savings they need to begin weighing the passengers along with the luggage. Everything by the pound, boys, it’s only fair!


Let Pronger Play!

Filed under: General — @ 20:22 UTC

Saturday I watched Chris Pronger, a defenseman for the Anaheim Ducks, throw a forearm to the head of Ottawa forward Dean McAmmond in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals. Wow. And the referee missed the hit, so Pronger got away with it. But not too much later in the game, Karma being Karma, Pronger accidently scores an own-goal, the WINNING goal, in fact, for the Ottawa Senators. Because of the illegal hit on McAmmond, though, Pronger has been suspended for game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I think Ottawa should protest this decision because Ottawa is obviously better off with Pronger on the ice!


When they start drinking, they don’t stop

Filed under: General,Irish Culture — @ 12:57 UTC

As an American in Ireland I’ve noticed something funny about the Irish culture. I made the mistake of having a beer with my lunch and got the funniest looks from my adopted Irish family. It took me awhile to figure out what the problem was, but, simply put, it was this: when they start drinking, they don’t stop until bedtime. You have to really respect this kind of dedication, but it can be really annoying to the casual drinker. I’ve noticed that they are beginning to temper themselves somewhat, like forcing themselves to only start having drinks later in the evening.


Earnhardt Seat Belt Pads

Filed under: General — @ 15:43 UTC

I saw the most ironic thing in the clearance isle of a Target store the other day: The Dale Earnhardt Seat Belt pad. I didn’t say it was funny; it’s not. It’s ironic, which is different.


Best Water Meter Covers, Ever

Filed under: General — @ 21:19 UTC

In Ireland, the uisce flows out of the ground.

Uisce Flows Out of the Ground



ODEO WordPress Filter Test

Filed under: General,Listening,Tech Tech — @ 2:06 UTC


powered by ODEO


ND’s Dr. Robert Leader dies

Filed under: General — @ 12:10 UTC

I’m very sorry to report this, but Dr. Robert Leader, emeritus professor of art and my father’s mentor, has died.  I remember, every Sunday, looking up at his Stations of the Cross mural painted along the entire expanse of the South wall of Little Flower Catholic Church.  His specialty was stained glass windows and the mural evoked the same feeling as stained glass.  Dr. Leader’s influence on my father’s style is obvious and though I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Leader a few times when I was in school, I never had the chance to thank him for that.  Here is a reprint of Dr. Leader’s obituary for when the link to the South Bend Tribune goes away:



Fir agus Mná

Filed under: General — @ 18:11 UTC

I was reading a blog entry, from someone who recently moved to Paris, pointing out that the hot water taps in France are marked with the letter ‘C’ and it reminded me of a funny thing about the Irish language.

Here’s the setup: you’re a foreigner in Ireland and you’ve had 4 pints of Guinness and find yourself in need of the loo.  Someone points you down a dark hallway and there are two doors, one marked “Fir” and one marked “Mná”.  You wonder, briefly, whether you’re latently dyslexic, but can’t figure out how to reconfigure “fir” so that it makes any sense at all (remember, four pints are involved).  Not that it matters in Ireland, but which door do you choose?


RSS Feeds Appear to Work

Filed under: General — @ 20:51 UTC

I have upgraded this site to use WordPress 2.0 (Duke Edition) and the RSS feed problem (extra line at the top of the xml feed) appears to have disappeared.  That’s good news, but doesn’t explain what was broken in the first place.

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