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Playing with the camcorder

Filed under: Pater Familias,Things From Wood — @ 7:48 UTC

Playing with the video camera.

YouTube Preview Image


A 130lb. Right Tackle

Filed under: Pater Familias — @ 19:57 UTC

My son, Éamon, is starting to play (American) Football. He’s 8 years old and I don’t know what position he’s going to play, but he’s really quite small and my hope is that he won’t get crushed lke a bug. I dug out my father’s 1950 High School yearbook and showed Éamo some pictures of his grandfather playing football — my father was a 130 pound right tackle his Junior year!

In paging through that yearbook I noticed, for the first time, that the hand-drawn separator pages were my father’s work. The drawings are unsigned, but the style is unmistakable.


Confessions of a 2nd Grader

Filed under: Pater Familias — @ 13:21 UTC

We were having a discussion at dinner last night about 2nd grade and I thought I’d share a few stories that I was compelled to share with my son’s 2nd Grade Teacher.

For me, 2nd grade is when everything started to go wrong. I was a 7-year-old student at Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School in South Bend, Indiana. So was my friend, Reggie Bain. Reggie and I had known each other since we were 2 years old and we were, as they say, “thick as thieves”. All I can say is: though the antics of the boys in the Captain Underpants books seem to be extremely naughty and exaggerated, they hit uncomfortably close to home.



Make them sing in “fake opera”

Filed under: Pater Familias — @ 20:15 UTC

If the children are being a real pain at dinner, I’ll only allow them to say something if they sing it in “fake opera”. I can’t tell you how much this helps their behaviour! Not only that, but it makes everyone smile and it’s especially funny when we have guests. Everyone should try it.


I’ll give you a dollar if you make your mother laugh

Filed under: Pater Familias — @ 20:13 UTC

Sometimes, when my wife is in a bad mood, I’ll tell my children that I’ll give them a dollar (or a Euro when we’re in Europe) if they can make her laugh. I’ve never actually paid-up, but it does help. It might work for your family, dunno.


Eamo @ Dunmore East

Filed under: Pater Familias — @ 19:51 UTC

Picnic in Dunmore East


Color Blind Image Filtering

Filed under: Pater Familias,Tech Tech — @ 18:38 UTC

I have a son, Éamon, who is red-green color blind (deuteranopia). This is a fairly common condition, but we have always asked ourselves “what does Éamo see?”. With help from the Vischeck image filter plug-in, we get to see just that.

As far as we can tell this is very accurate; Éamo can not tell these images apart.

Composite Image Before and After Vischeck Color Blind Filter

Larger Size:


A Page for Denny

Filed under: Pater Familias — @ 4:41 UTC

I’m working on a web page for my father. It’s a work in progress since I have a lot of artwork to scan and copy to write, but here it is: Denny

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